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We all love our furry friends, but we know that often ‘accidents’ can be left behind leaving stains and smells that we don’t love.

Dog urine, cat urine, faeces, vomit is all to be expected on your carpet or upholstery at one time or another when you have pets. It’s what you do when you encounter these scenarios that helps ensure that damage is minimal.

At Five Star Carpet & Upholstery Care our technicians have the best chemicals and procedures available to treat the areas and turn your “Arrgh” moment into “Wow it looks great”.

If they are causing stains your loving pet can introduce fleas into you home. Our technicians use the amalgamation of chemicals and cleaning solvents in our machines to kill fleas and remove any bacteria. We also provide a flea treatment following the carpet clean to get into all those hard to reach places and ensure your home is flea free.

Acting quick can help prevent pet stains

In most circumstances pet stains can be professionally removed using a specialised surface product, high pressure steam clean and deodorisation.

When you notice an ‘accident’ you can blot the area with a paper towel to soak up what you can. Then you can blot with a damp clean cloth followed by a clean dry cloth to remove most of the urine. This will help prevent pet stains.

A professional steam clean is still required to kill bacteria and remove odour. When pet urine is left untreated it forms salt-like crystals. These crystals when damp release odour and is the reason sometimes the smell seems stronger after carpet cleaning.

Heavy Pet Stains

In the event that the underlay and backing has been affected by urine the carpet would need to be pulled back and the underlay removed and replaced. The floor surface would be washed and resealed and the backing of the carpet needs to be treated. The existing carpet can then be relayed and the area steam cleaned and deodorised.

In some cases if the area has been heavily soiled or left for long periods without treatment the carpet and underlay may be beyond salvage and need to be cut out and replaced with new carpet and underlay to remove the stains, odour and bacteria.

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