Relaxation Versus Deep Tissue Massage

No Pain No Gain

You may be familiar with the expression “no pain, no gain”. Many people come to me looking for a deep tissue massage to reduce their stress and/or to relieve physical tension. They approach a massage with the mindset that unless they have a deep tissue (often painful) massage they will not ‘achieve’ a result from their massage experience. I beg to differ.

Like many of my clients, “no pain, no gain” was a concept that resonated with me. I had to endure pain (be it mental, emotional or physical) to achieve results. But my experience massaging and coaching clients, has proven otherwise.


Our Daily Lives

Nowadays, to be over worked and stressed is totally acceptable.

We have become so used to living in a fast paced, high stressed environment that we don’t realise the effect it can have on our physical, mental and emotional states.

We become out of touch with what we need.

Being constantly stressed and over worked, can lead to imbalances and disconnection, resulting in symptoms such as muscular aches and pains, brain fog and digestive issues.


The Magic of Massage

Taking time out of our busy lives for self-care is so important to maintain or improve our overall wellbeing and health.

Massage is perhaps one of the oldest healing techniques used by many ancient cultures including the Indians, Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians. Massage allows us to disconnect from what is causing us stress and reconnect with ourselves.

There are so many benefits of massage, but the most common driver for people is for reducing muscular tension, pain and relaxation.

Some other benefits of massage are:

  • Improved circulation
  • Increased muscle tone and relaxation
  • Aids digestion
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system
  • Improved muscle function
  • Enhanced mental alertness
  • Increase joint mobility and flexibility
  • Aids recovery from injury and illness
  • Increases the flow of our life force energy (or chi).

Deep Tissue versus Relaxation

So, what’s the difference between a deep tissue and relaxation massage?

A deep tissue massage is a full body massage. The therapist applies firm pressure using to access the deeper layers of soft tissue, to alleviate tension and pain.

A relaxation massage is also a full body massage. The therapist applies lighter pressure over larger areas of the body, following sequential movements. The aim is to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Ancient massages such as KaHuna (Lomi Lomi) or An Mo, are the crème de la crème of relaxation massage.

These practices use specific movements and techniques, to stimulate meridians and acupressure points, to assist the flow of energy and to relieve tension. The movements are rhythmical, and the practitioner uses breath and footwork to ‘dance’ around the table.

They are profoundly healing, sensual, nurturing and beautiful experiences, balancing our mind, body and spirit.

A massage given with love has the power to heal. In fact, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) massage means ‘Loving Hands’. A skilled practitioner in these ancient massages, will give their client a massage from their heart making it a deeply connecting and grounding experience.


In a nutshell, a deep tissue massage is great for relieving tension and pain, while a relaxation massage will promote an overall feeling of rest and calm.

But if you are looking for a massage that gives you these benefits and is a deeply restorative, heart connecting massage, you can’t get better than a Kahuna (Lomi Lomi) or An Mo massage. Trust me, you will never want for anything else.

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Bringing our bodies back in to homeostasis and committing to our own wellness, is key to a lasting vibrant health and happiness.

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